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Simply Grown Beef cattle begin as male Holstein calves born at the Poland Organic Dairy in Madras, Oregon.  The familiar black and white Holsteins are the most popular breed of dairy cattle in the USA, making up more than 90% of the total dairy cow population.  Male (bull) calves born on dairy farms are usually sold at a young age into the conventional beef market as the main business on most dairies is producing milk which, of course, is only produced by the females (cows).  After being sold, the bull calves are raised on separate cattle operations for the US beef market and provide about 8% of the quality beef produced each year.  The remainder of US beef production is made up mostly of the traditional beef breeds such as Angus, Hereford, Simmental or various crosses of different breeds.

So what is the difference between Holstein beef and the traditional beef breeds?  Differences between Holstein and the traditional beef breed steers have been extensively evaluated over the past few decades for both quality of the finished beef and the economics of production.  University studies have shown that for Holstein and traditional beef breed steers raised to the same high standards there is no difference in meat quality.  When provided a high quality environment and diet the beef quality characteristics of flavor, tenderness and juiciness are virtually the same for Holstein, Angus and the other traditional beef breeds.  The Holstein cattle population is very uniform thus will produce a consistent crop of quality beef animals.  Our cattle are not calving seasonally, thus provide a regular supply of beef animals each month throughout the year. 

The traditional beef breeds do have a slight advantage in their growth efficiency.  They consume less pounds of feed to gain the same amount of weight compared to Holsteins.  Thus the traditional beef breeds provide a slight economic advantage for the producer growing the animals.  In addition, Holsteins require a few more days to reach mature size and weigh slightly more at slaughter than traditional beef breeds.   

Our organic Holstein beef cattle are raised alongside organic dairy cows producing high quality milk on the National Quality Recognized Poland Organic Dairy Farm in Madras, Oregon.  Poland Dairy was recognized as the 2007 Top Quality Producer of the Year for all Horizon Organic Dairy producers across the USA.  The same high quality standard of care is provided to our beef cattle ensuring the highest quality of beef on your table. 

The key to producing high quality beef is how the cattle are fed and raised, whether they are Holstein or Angus.  However, the ultimate quality test is your dining experience when you cut into that high quality piece of beef on your plate.  We are confident that Simply Grown Beef on your plate will put a smile on your face.  We invite you to taste the delicious, wholesome, 100% organic and Oregon grown quality of Simply Grown Beef.